CNC compound profile throw away milling cutter (HSC)
(For high precision profile machining)
Type of material  K10/HUF10/NUB10Z/MU11/PU40/NUA71/SUA81/PUA121/PUA1220/VUA221/ASP60C/SKH57A/VWA221/SKH4C(stainleshighspeedsteel) /VWA441/VWA431
Super-long set mill, precision fittings
Profile mill-tooth cutter, saw facer
Profile round cutter (groove-cutting, grain breaking)
Arc taper gear tooling
Helical mill (pencil sharpener)
Helical mill for woodwork, plastic rotary cutting(Multi-flute, with shank)
★ For brazing lathe tool, we only produce in batch, products for high hardness application (machining materials of 55°-70°and highimpact-resistant products, special products for non-metal application.